How to calculate the title deed costs in 2016?

With buying and selling real estate in Turkey the most often the question is asked how the Tapu fees are calculated.


Legally regulated is that the buyer and seller are paying the fees separated.

But depending on the agreement between the parties, also all these costs can be paid by the buyer only.

The cost of purchase and sale transactions are based on the sale price which is indicated in the land registry.

The registration fees rates are statutory every year by the Land Registry and Cadastre.

Before 2013, the buyer paid 1.65% and the seller paid 1.65%, together a total of 3.3%.

After 2013 the rate has increased to 4.00%, and therefore 2% are to be paid by the buyer and 2% by the seller.

This rates is still in 2016 valid.


How are to calculate the registration fees now in 2016?

As already specified above in this article, the registration fees are based on the sale price indicated in the land registry.

For example; if we go on from a real estate sale price of TL 200,000, the buyer has to pay 4,000 TL and the seller 4,000 TL, totally 8,000 TL registration fees.
Furthermore, at the Land Registry the working capital is to be paid. In 2015, these fees was 82.50 TL, and increased in 2016 to 87.25 TL.


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