The “Antalya Smart City” project


The “Antalya Smart City” project is expanding further in other cities. Also in Alanya free Wi-Fi stations and kiosks are positioned in certain places.

As part of the cooperation between Antalya district and TÜRKSAT for the intelligent urban planning, the Antalya Smart City Project is continue to grow up. The project "Smart City Antalya" with the themes "Intelligent Health", "Intelligent Traffic", "Intelligent Environment", "Intelligent Energy" and "Intelligent Recycling" will also be established in Alanya.

The project will set up kiosks in 3 different locations in Alanya and offering city information screens & free internet access at 2 locations. The Wi-Fi connections and the kiosks will be available at the beginning of 2018.


The preparations for the "Smart City Project" are already start at the following locations:

  • Alanya harbor street
  • Harbor & 700 m promenade
  • Damlatas cave
  • Park at Cleopatra beach
  • Cleopatra beach and promenade


The aesthetic and good visible kiosks will provide information’s about the historical, cultural and artistic places in Alanya. With a map application, visitors can select the most important locations and find the shortest routes.

The kiosk cabins will be air-conditioned and equipped with security cameras.

Via the internet access, all visitors will have the opportunity to share their memory photos in the social media.

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