For buying a real estate in Alanya the permission of the military authority is not needed anymore !


If you want to buy a property in Turkey, until 2013 you needed the approval of the military authority in Izmir, which confirmed that the property is not located in a military area.

The issuing of this approval took mostly up to 3 months, which delayed the sales of a real estate in Turkey and deterred foreign investors.

After 2013, the directive to issue this permission was hand over to the local land register offices, which made the purchase process considerably easier.


If the appropriate parcel had already been approved by the local land registry, no further approval of the real estate on the same parcel had to be obtained.

The President of the Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) Mehmet Sahin has now announced that the bureaucratic obstacles about the military permission have been completely lifted.

In the circular no. 2017/7 about the "Determination of security zones" of the scope of Law no. 2565 determinate that there are no military restricted areas in the Alanya borders left, and for the purchase of a property in Alanya, the permission of the military authority is not needed anymore.

President Sahin expressed his gratitude to the politicians and bureaucrats of the country, especially the Turkish foreign minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, who is a native of Alanya.

Foreign citizens can now become an owner of a real estate in Alanya as like Turkish nationals.

With this new positive regulation an increase of the real estate sales in Alanya and further investments by foreign investors are expected, because the Alanya region is the stronghold of the Turkish tourism.

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