Good news for the stay of foreign-registered cars in Turkey

In October 2015, the law for the import of vehicles from abroad has changed in Turkey.

Before this new regulation abroad registered vehicles were allowed to stay 6 months in Turkey.

This has now changed. By the new regulation the vehicle may be driven for 2 years in Turkey, but a sale of the vehicle in Turkey is not possible.

The activation of the new regulation of the §4458 of the customs and import law was carried out by the relevant Ministry and published in the official gazette.

Even if the owner of the vehicle leaves Turkey in the meantime by another way as by plane or train, the vehicle can remain in Turkey.


1) Persons who live abroad are authorized to import vehicles which are registered abroad for a time of 24 month.

2) Living abroad means that the person has live within one year min. 185 days abroad, counted back from the day of the arrival.

3) The vehicle owner or a person who is authorized by the vehicle owner person can import the vehicle.

4) The vehicle which can be used only for touristic purposes can stay max. 24 months in Turkey. For an extension of vehicles which have permission for 6 months, an application at the customs authority is required.

5) The period of 24 months can also be used in one period or in partly periods. After 24 months expires, the vehicle owner and the vehicle must stay at least 185 days in the home country. An exit and entry of the vehicle is not enough.

6) When the owner of the vehicle change, the previous stay of the vehicle in Turkey will not be considered.

7) The new rule are only valid for private vehicles, Commercial vehicles are not included in the regulation.

8) The imported vehicle must have a valid insurance from the home country for a period of min. 2 years.

9) The vehicle can be driven only by the person who imported the vehicle, and the father, mother, spouse and the children. Only in specific emergencies and with the condition that the vehicle owner is also the vehicle, the car may be driven by a local person.


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