Finnish people prefer Alanya


The tour operator Aurinkomatkat (Sun Tours) started straight flights to the airport of Gazipaşa in Alanya. Now Aurinkomatkat is flying to Antalya area 5 times a week: 4 times to Gazipaşa and 1 time to Antalya.

The chairman Cengiz Topçu of the operator in charge of Aurinkomatkat’s sales in Turkey explains that the flights from Finland to Antalya area will continue the whole summer. The first flight from Helsinki landed to Antalya 19th of March 2016 and to Gazipaşa 28th of March 2016. There will be totally 4 flights to GZP airport and 1 flight to AYT airport from Finland. Four of the flights are from Helsinki and one of them from a large city called Oulu.

“The capacity of our planes is 160 and 189 passengers. The flights in March and beginning have been and will be very full since the weather conditions in Finland the Easter holidays.” tells Cengiz Topçu.

“Our flights are operated by Finnair on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. We are also planning to increase the number of flights per week in the future.” adds Cengiz Topçu.

This flight schedule is going to last until end of October.



“The first reaction of our passengers was that the weather is beautiful. This made us especially happy. In this time of the year the weather is Finland is still unstable and cold. Alanya’s beutiful in turn made the visitors happy.” comments Cengiz Topçu.

“Our aim is to send our customers back to their home countries satisfied. Therefore we find it very important to promote Alanya and increase the customer satisfaction. In this way the customers will also share their positive experiences to their friends and family. All the negative news from Eastern Turkey, Istanbul and Ankara has distorted the image of Alanya. For this reason we find it very important to satisfy our customers and make them share their experience of Alanya.”


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