The development plan of the cable car project in Alanya Castle got accepted

The development plan of the cable car project in Alanya castle realized by Alanya Municipality got accepted by the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of Antalya.

The mayor of Alanya Murat Yücel clarified in his statement after the council meeting that the groundwork of cable car and solar energy central projects is done and that there are no more obstacles on the way.

“The plans of the cable car project have come to end and we are only waiting for the approval from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Since we took this mission we have worked 2 years by taken 18 different public institutions’ opinion in to consideration, made shoreline renovations, changed the places of stations, considered the protected areas and taken the opinion of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board in to consideration.” said Yücel.



There are totally 30 000 cars climbing up to Alanya’s castle per year. The castle is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and the exhaust gas and shaking resulted from the cars are damaging the walls of the castle. To prevent the castle from the damage and to increase the visits in this site the municipality of Alanya decided to realize this project.

Castle is one of the symbols of Alanya and it is located on top of the peninsula around 250 over the sea level. The walls of the castle are 6.5 kilometers long and there are people living within the walls. Alanya Castle derives from the 13th century. The castle was Antalya’s 3rd most visited site last year and there was a revenue of 2 338 511 liras just from the ticket sales in 11 months.

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