The claim that Russian people have abandoned Antalya is not true

The President of the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers said that the claim that Russian people are selling their properties fast and leave Antalya is not true: “The real estate sales to Russian people continue as before”.


The president of the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers Şeref Sağlam said that the claim that Russian people try to fast sell their properties with low prices and leave Turkey is not true: “The sales to Russian people still continue”. Sağlam indicates that Russian are also not the only customer segment since there are also Canadian, German, Norwegian, Arabic, Dutch and other European buyers: “We are not dependable only on the Russian customers.”.

Sağlam had told to the reporter of Anadolu Ajansi in the statement he made that the reason for the recession on the real estate industry is the problems in the lands and high interest rates of the bank loans.

The most popular places for property purchase are generally areas close to sea like Konyaaltı and Lara. Foreigners in turn prefer touristic regions like Alanya, Kemer, Side, Serik and Boğazkent. In the past few years foreigners also got used to city centers. At the moment the property sales in the center of Antalya are proceeding well.

Sağlam is emphasizing that Russian continue to acquire properties in Turkey. However he has heard some speculation that Russian people are selling their properties in half price because the government of Russia is calling them back.

In the region of Antalya almost every third of the residents in the residences are Russian. Sağlam says that Turkish and Russian people are like relatives and living side by side without any kind of problems.



Based on this year’s January and February’s statistics there has been increase in the sales to foreigners. The sales are mainly project based and the sales are done to foreigners by the foreign partners of the construction companies, Therefore there hasn’t been a large impact on the real estate brokers on location. There are also people who come to holiday to Turkey and decide to buy something while in Turkey.

“Today there was an apartment sold with 450 000 liras. The same apartment was worth 300 000 liras last year. The increase in the prices of the lands reflects the prices of the apartments. Actually the purchasing power of the people did not decrease. One of the reasons for the recession in the real estate market is the high mortgage interest rates. In the past years the rate of 0,55 has gone up to 1,20-1,30. For this reason many potential property buyers decide to wait.” says Sağlam.



Sağlam clarified that after the election on 1st of November and the selection of the single party government there was a clear feel of security which ensured the movement on the property market: “In Antalya area the business will increase in April with the opening of the touristic season.”

“The buyers can now benefit from situation. After the first election on June the property prices start to drop. After the second election on 1st of November the decrease in the prices stopped and we wait for a new increase in the prices by the opening of the season.” said Sağlam. “When the demand rises the prices of the land and properties will rise. Therefore I recommend the local investors to make investments now.” clarified Sağlam. 

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