Just in time to the 18th December, the day of the immigrants and emigrants, the branch of the Immigration Office Antalya opened in Alanya.

Foreigners who are planning a longer stay than the regular 90 days in Turkey, have to require a residence permit.

Since middle of May 2015, the applications had to be done at the Turkish immigration office online https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/. After entering the requested information, the system gives an appointment on which the applicant has to appear personally at the Immigration Department in Antalya.

Because of that more than 30,000 foreign people are living in Alanya, the Immigrant authority opened a branch in Alanya by the influence of the District Administrator Dr. Hasan Tanriseven and the Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu (who also is from Alanya).

Now the applicants must not drive 150 km to Antalya; they can perceive the personal appointment in Alanya.

The branch of the Immigrant authority is located in the registry office of Alanya.

New and renewal applications must still to be provided online but the applicant can perceive the appointment in Alanya.

After this personal appointment the requested documents must be sent to the immigrants and emigrants authority Antalya within 5 days by post.

The applicant has to apply personally or his legal representative (father or mother) to appear on the application. No information or documents may be passed to or from third persons.

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