For the first time this year direct charter flights of the airline Suncharter from Denmark landed at the Gazipasa-Alanya Airport Airport (GZP). Suncharter announced, despite a faltering season to expand the operations.

After the extension of the runway, the organizers have announced that they will expand their target. In March the first charter flights from Sunchater from Denmark landed in Gazipaşa.

Suncharter drew attention to himself and continue to fly to the Gazipasa Airport during the season once a week.

Despite the decline in visitors to the Nordic countries, Islam phobia and the terrorist attacks, the company has been associated with a commercial attention.

Upon completion of the extension works of the runway, the Director and Partner of Suncharter, Soren Kjellerup, visited Gazipasa and gave a statement about the past season:

With the flights of Jettime the season was very successful. We are very satisfied with the direct flights. We will continue with the operation in the coming year. Kjellerup announced that they will continue to invest;

We planned to increase the flights from once a week to 2 times a week but with the extension of the runway, we changed our plans and decided also to send bigger planes to Gazipasa.

For the coming season we have agreed with SAS and together with them we are going to fly to the Gazipasa Airport 4 times a week.

Kjellerup explained the impact of the happenings in Turkey in Denmark, and said that famous entertainers and music channels do publicity, so that Turkey does not lose its image.

<span title="Obwohl sich die Reiseveranstalter vorsichtig nähern, bauen wir unsere Operationen weiter aus, denn wir haben einen wichtigen Partner in der Türkei und wir vertrauen der Türkei" ,="" sagte="" er."="">He said: “Even if the tour operator are approaching carefully, we are expanding our operations further, because we have an important partner in Turkey, and we trust Turkey.”

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