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The Feast of Sacrifice is the most important religious feast of the Islamic world.

The Feast of Sacrifice commemorates the story of the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).

In his youth he lived among people who did not want to pray to God. Though he asked them to turn from false gods and pray just to one God, but they did not listen to him and wanted to burn him. But God saved his life.

Later, Ibrahim lived in another country. He had two sons, Ismail and Isaac.


One day an angel came to Ibrahim and told him to kill his son Ismail. Ibrahim was very sad about this exam, because he loved his son very much. Nevertheless, he wanted to obey God. When Ibrahim finally picked up the knife to kill his son Ismail, a voice spoke to him: "Do not kill your son!"


Ibrahim had passed the test which had been made to test his faith in God.


Ibrahim was very happy that his son was safe and that it had been only a test. Together with his son, he sacrificed a ram, and shared the flesh with friends and people in need.


In memoriam of the life of Ismail, Muslims slaughter each year at the Festival of Sacrifice an animal and share the meat with family, friends and  people in need.


Because of the Sacrifice Feast holiday our office is close from Tuesday, 15th October to Thursday 17th October. On Friday, the 18th October our office is open again.



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