The Christmas Market, organized by Alanya Foreigners Committee, will be held on December 11.

Alanya Foreigners Committee started the preparations for the second Christmas Market. The details of the event were discussed on the Committee meeting, which was also joined by the members of local foreign Associations, who wanted to participate in the Market.

The Foreigners Committee Consultant Abdullah Karaoğlu stated that there are over 10 thousand foreigners, who live in Alanya permanently, and over 22 thousand foreign property owners in Alanya. He said that the Christmas Market would be held on Alanya Port Square on December 11. “Alanya has become a combination of people from different countries and of different cultures. This kind of activity is very useful for the integration of the foreigners and local people. The money, saved from last year’s market was donated to the Kır Çiçekleri Girls Dormitory. This year’s money will be donated to some other project,” he said.

Apparently, the opening of the Christmas Market will be held on December 11 at 13:00 on Alanya Post Square. At the stalls, the Christmas Market participants will sell hand-made Christmas presents and souvenirs, traditional drinks and treats. Mahmutlar News invites everyone to participate in this colorful event!


Source: Mahmutlar News

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