More than 100,000 foreigners, from more than 44 different countries, currently own property in Turkey. 23% of them chose Alanya.
These figures are taken from a report published by the Alanya Chamber of Commerce ( ALTSO ) : 'Property purchase by foreigners' . ALTSO got its data from the Public Register and the Land Registry ( TKGM ).

The number of foreigners owning property in Alanya is 23,045, nearly a quarter of the total. Between them they own some 17,000 properties. Throughout Turkey 100,623 foreigners own some 88,900 properties. The report suggests that the British are top of the list, followed by the Germans and Greeks. However, the Germans own the most properties: 21,678 Germans own 26,365 properties, while 30,710 British own 21,241 properties.

The report also suggests that 95% of foreigners invest in property and 5% in land. In Alanya 99% of purchases relate to homes.

The Germans are top of the list in Alanya when it comes to investing in property, with 4,655 German owning 3,287. While 4,266 Danes own 3,235 properties in Alanya, properties also owned by 3,181 Irýsh, 3,160 Dutch, 2,61 Norwegians and 1,580 Brits.

In terms of most popular investment location, foreigners prefer the province of Antalya (26,202 ), followed by Mugla ( 12,605 ), Aydin ( 10,401 ) and Istanbul ( 10,009 ) . Interms of numbers of property purchased, Alanya leads the way with 17,000. Records  at the non-nationals unit of the Police in Alanya show that 22,715 foreigners in the area currently hold resident permit, including 4,499 Russians, 3,755 Danes, 3,734 Germans, 1,086 Norwegians and 984 Dutch. The figur suggest that foreigners who buy property in Alanya also tent to settle down there. Notably, some  582 Russians purchased a residence permit in order to be able to buy a property. 603 foreigners in the area are married to a Turkish national.

The Chairman of the Association of Estate Agents in Alanya, Kerim Baliktay, says that 2,000 to 3,000 homes are sold in Alanya every year. He points to fact that 2,000 properties were sold in first ten months of 2010 as proof of the huge potential for growth.

Baliktay predicts that sales could rocket with the advent of the international flights at Gazipasa Airport. Baliktay: ''Arround 23% of all property purchased by foreigners in Turkey is in Alanya, proof that Alanya is key to this sector.

However, for various reasons Turkey is not doing so well in promoting Turkey and Alanya within Europe as a whole. Whilst Turkey sold 90,000 homes to foreigners, the figure for Spain was around two millions, so there's a long way to go. Spain invests millions on tourism, while we still don't allow international flights into Gazipasa Airport''

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