Alanya Tour Operators Association (ALTİD) Vice President Hayriye Argun stated that Gazipaşa experiences a serious boom in demands. “If all the demands, made in accordance with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) conditions, are approved, 2012 will be the most intense period for Gazipaşa Airport,” she said. “One of the companies plans to organize 6 flights a week. There are 3-4 more companies, which wait for the results. Many Alanya hotels will benefit from it”, she added.


Konakli Tour Operators Association (KONTİD) President Burhan Sili stated that this year, Gazipaşa has experienced significant improvements. “This year, Thomas Cook Company will increase the number of flights. There is also a demand for 30 thousand seats from Öger Tuors. We know about the demands from the Dutch market”, he said.


Ekrem Er, the President of Mahmutlar Hoteliers Association said that many travel agencies would bring customers during wintertime. “The hotels, located in the eastern regions of Alanya, make contracts for lower prices, also, their tourism season is shorter. Now we are negotiating with Dutch and German tour agencies. If we start working with them, Alanya’s east side hotels will benefit from it most of all,” he said.


Source: MahmutlarNews

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