The 9th Christmas Market, which was organized by Alanya City Council and the Foreigners' Assembly, presented in this year once again clothes, food, drinks, handicrafts and souvenirs of different cultures.

Foreigners who are living in Alanya met at the 9th International Christmas market in Alanya behind the Town Hall, and associations from various countries and cultures put clothes, drinks, food, handicrafts and souvenirs on sale.

Many locals and foreigners visited the Christmas market again this year. There were performed music and dance performances, at the stands sold sweets and souvenirs. Of course, a photo in front of the 14 meter high decorated and illuminated Christmas tree was a must.

Alanya is a city of peace and tranquility and here are living people from different countries, different cultures and different religions together in peace. Alanya is an example and a role model for the whole world.






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