The new Alanya International Airport Gazipasa is widely expected to have a major impact on the tourism and real estate sector in the Alanya area, and attracts not only Europeans looking for a vacation destination, but also Turks from Istanbul and Ankara who is seeking a weekend getaway. We must not forget the new jobs and the impact the new airport will have on the local economy. Property prices in Alanya has already increased since the announcement that the airport will be set in operation, and some local agents predict a rise between 60-100% over the next two years. This will bring the real estate prices in the area to the same level as Bodrum and Fethiye.

The Airport brings investments to the sky!

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, described the announcement of a new airport near Alanya as "good news" for British investors and holiday home buyers. The news encouraged to more and bigger investments in the Alanya Region. As a result, a English and Irish consortium established a fund of 100 million Euros that will be used to develop a new golf resort in the area. In addition to five star hotels and residential complexes, is a taxi boat planned to go between Gazipaşa and Kaş and Kalkan (between Kaş and Fethiye), which will lead to an increased number of visitors to the region.

The new Alanya International Airport Gazipasa will have a positive impact on the property market in Alanya, and should lead to more competition in market for cheap flights to Turkey.

The resort Alanya on the Turkish Riviera has captured the hearts of visitors for more than 2000 years. The Roman commander Mark Anthony loved the place so much that when he married Queen Cleopatra in 32BC he gave her Alanya as a wedding gift. It is not surprising that many European property investors already have fallen for its charm, and more are expected to do when the airport is fully operational.

Currently must visitors from most European cities fly to Antalya, a 90-minute drive away, but the new airport in Gazipasa will cut the journey down to 25 minutes.

Currently app 13 000 foreigners owns a property in Alanya and this number is expected to increase when the new airport is fully operational. Gazipasa Airport will boost the city’s economy and infrastructure, which under a guiding hand from Mayor Hasan Sipahioglu, has improved considerably.

Gazipasa Airport

The roads have been paved, street lights installed, pavement made and power cables laid underground. Several streets have been converted into pedestrian streets and seafront promenades. Flanked by cafes, restaurants, shops with bazaar style and modern stores, streets, the city can resemble of a Spanish seaside resort - though with minimal crime.

The 13,000 foreign homeowners in Alanya represent almost ten percent of the total population in the area.

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