Located at the entrance of Alanya you’ll find the Alanya Lunapark (Tivoli). The tivoli are frequently visited by both locals and tourists. An amusing place for children of all ages.



When the weather in July and August are intolerable hot, try a walk in Sapadere Canyon! The Sapadere Mountain is located about 48 km northeast of Alanya and 20 km north of the village Demirtas. During 2007/2008, municipality built walking trails in wonderful Sapadere canyon. The purpose of this is to make the area more accessible, and increase tourism to the mountains. Here you can take a bath, and marvel at the many and varied small waterfalls.

The paths in Sapadere are about 600m, and at the end of the route is a beautiful waterfall, protected by forest and colorful plants. In Sapadere the water is flowing all the year, and the water is fresh and cool, and is never warmer than 12 degrees. The area also offers a small shop and local restaurants.


Universal Bowling is working hard to get Alanya’s population to learn and love billiards and bowling. Their bowling is the only one in the Alanya region, which can tempt you with 8 lanes, great lighting and music systems, games and other entertainment. Universal has entertainment that tempts both youngsters and grown-ups. Offering entertainment all year, Universal Bowling is also helpful with arranging birthdays, tournaments, and dining. Universal Bowling is located near to Koçtaş.


Try an exciting, gasoline-powered ride on four wheels, with so-called go-kart cars!


Alanya Park go-kart gives you an exciting experience and you are sure to feel like a Formula 1 driver in cool cars with air conditioning. Child or adult; all can be entertained with these miniature vehicles on their broad and curved court. The sport has already become very popular in Alanya, and people love to come here. Come and enjoy the excitement and adrenaline in a go-kart race. All you have to do is turn up and find you a car. Full gas!

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It is fun and easy, everybody can try. You can enjoy the wonderful view and relax flying 100 – 300m above the sea. Explore this delightful country’s worth to see sights from another point of view. The parachuting equipment is completely safe and you can be sure of their strength. You can even stay dry if this is really what you prefer! It is also possible to walk on the water and make a small dive into the sea while you are attached to your parachute! You will be accompanied by a professional and well trained captain in a fully equipped boat ready for all conditions.


Alanyas location on the Turkish Mediterranean coast gives unique opportunities to enjoy water sports and diving is an option. Although the Mediterranean cannot be compared to the Red Sea when it comes to flora and fauna, the Mediterranean still has many challenges to offer all divers, both experienced and beginners.


The environment in Alanya is ideal for a great diving experience. Most dives are done at the beautiful cliff in Alanya, which divides the eastern and western part. This cliff is home to several different plants and fishes, and this helps to make the experience very exciting. Experienced divers have the possibility of deep-sea diving. The climate allows one to conduct all forms of diving all year round.


There are lots of opportunities for having an active time in Alanya and to go mountain biking is certainly one of them as the Taurus Mountains, with 3,000 meter peaks, are so accessible. It does not matter if it is only to spend a few pleasant hours with the family in Alanya’s beautiful environment or in preparation for serious competitions like the European Mountain Bike tour; the terrain around Alanya has what it takes. The quality of the roads varies from good asphalt along the coast to road conditions of all kinds. In the mountains you will find everything from dirt roads to small trails where good cycling technique is a must.


The Dim River (12-20 km) is a popular summer destination.  Upstream, 20 km to the north east of Alanya, rafting is offered. Downstream, many restaurants and picnic areas offer the chance to swim in cool melted water.

Key Facts


  • Lower down the Dim River, 15-20km to the north east of Alanya, is a large choice of restaurants and picnic places. Some have small beaches. Some have water slides. Some have man-made swimming pools. Most offer the chance to swim in the cool melted water of the river. 
  • Some of the restaurants and picnic places provide free bus services from Alanya. 
  • Many of the restaurants specialize in delicious grilled trout.
  • Some of the restaurants and picnic places are not easily accessible to visitors with walking difficulties, so checks should be made before booking.


Dim Cave is one of the most beautiful and interesting caves in Turkey. It is 357 meters long, and has a small lake towards the far end. 

Key Facts

  • Dim Cave is near the village of Kuzkaya, in the Dim Valley, 14 kilometres from Alanya.
  • The cave is 357 metres long, and has a small lake towards the far end.
  • The cave was used as a shelter, starting in prehistoric times.
  • Because of its steep steps, the cave is not suitable for those with walking difficulties.
  • Admission: a charge is made for admission to the cave.


The tourist town of Belek is famous for its amazing hotels and golf courses. Belek is only a half hour drive from Antalya International Airport, and is also close to many interesting historic sights. There are multiple courts to choose from. All courses are situated in beautiful natural areas with the snowy peaks of the Taurus Mountains as a backdrop. The courts are established in relation to hotels and hotel guests have first priority. Other golf lovers should check in advance with staff at the golf courses, whether it is possible to play on the desired time.


Water Planet is one of the largest water parks in Turkey.  It is in a picturesque location, right by the sea, in Okurcalar.


Key Facts

  • Water planet is found 32 km from Alanya, off the main Alanya-Antalya highway.
  • There is a large selection of water slides, and plenty of areas for swimming and sunbathing.
  • There are cafe bar and restaurant facilities.
  • Admission: the public admission fee excludes rafting and bungee jumping.


Sealanya is a large and modern aquatic park.  One part is a dolphinarium; the second is a sea life centre.  The dolphin park has regular shows.  At the sea life centre you can swim with colourful marine fish, walk in a pool with friendly manta rays and watch sharks.

Sealanya boasts the title of Europes biggest aqua park. There are only three aqua parks in the world that are bigger than Sealanya, two in the US and one in Japan. There are 15 pools at Sealanya, six is used for dolphin shows, swimming with dolphins and animal-assisted therapy for disabled children. There is also be pools for manta rays, sharks and seals...

Key Facts

  • Sealanya is right next to the sea, at Türkler, 20 km from Alanya, alongside the main Alanya-Antalya highway.
  • One part of the park is a modern dolphinarium.  Tame dolphins perform regular shows throughout the tourist season. 
  • The second part of the park is the sea life centre, where the emphasis is on fun with the fish.
  • The complex has souvenir shops, and cafes/bars. 
  • Charges: admission charges are payable, and include entry to the shows; visitors can pay extra to swim dolphins.


The Taurus Mountains divide the Turkish Riviera from the Central Anatolian Plateau. With peaks rising more than 2,000 meters above sea level, the limestone landscape offers many opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing and caving. There are many interesting villages, restaurants and picnic places, and various different Jeep Safari tours.

Geography and Points of Interest


The Taurus Mountains are formed mainly from folded layers that were once at the bottom of the sea.  As the movement of tectonic plates caused Africa and Europe to come closer together, these were pushed up to form the peaks.

The limestone has eroded to form landscapes of waterfalls, underground rivers, and some of the largest caves in Asia. 

There are plans for a ski resort on the Akdağ mountain, about 40 km from Alanya.

Key Facts

  • There are many excellent opportunities for exploration.
  • Many agencies organize Jeep Safaris from Alanya, some of which offer an off-road experience and include lunch.



50 km west of Antalya is the Beydaglari mountain range in all their fine glory. With an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level and close to the Mediterranean sea it offers the chance to ski in the mountains and swim in the sea on the same day. The ski resort offers visitors a ski school, ski and snowboard equipment rentals, motel, ski shops and a supermarket. There are a couple of ski runs at Saklikent that appeals to both beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The snow quality is good considering the closeness to the warm med sea. The ski season at Saklikent runs from mid December to April and has its best snow fall from mid January to mid March. The big attraction at Saklikent is the fact that in less than 1 hour you can access Antalya, where you can sun bath on the beaches in the mild winter months or explore Antalya City itself.


Turkish Baths

The Turkish baths (Hamam) of today result from a merging of the Turkish, Roman and Byzantine bathing traditions. The bath culture was an important part of Turkish life. For example, the bride and groom traditionally visited the local bath with their friends, to enjoy its special cleansing ritual. There is a huge choice of baths in and around Alanya, including old traditional baths and luxurious modern bathing centres.


In addition to the traditional hamam experience, many baths offer additional facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, swimming pools and even bars. When you are prepared and ready for your treat: the masseur soaps you up and scrubs you down; you just relax on the heated marble slab, and enjoy it. The experience is invigorating, and the exfoliation can help your sun tan.

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