”Styling for a home is the same as make up is for a woman”

Many make the mistake of over-furnish a small apartment. It is important to remove as much as possible before showing, so that the feeling of space becomes larger. Many people lack "the critical eye," and are unable to detach themselves, or think different about their own home.

With simple steps, you may increase the price of your property significantly.


The entire house:
- Clean and discard, wash and scrub. It should smell newly washed and be properly ventilated in all rooms.
 - Remove personal items.
 - Cut down at the number of furniture.
 - Brush up with new and bright paint. Fix lists, loose door knobs and dripping taps.
 - Use bright curtains and pull them aside so that natural light gets in.


- Remove everything from kitchen counter, and garnish with a fruit platter and a nice bottle of oil.
- Show that there is room for more people around the dining table
- Remove the cloths, kitchen towels and dish brushes.
- Clean the cabinets and put glasses and dishes in Line.
The living room:
- Is there space in the living room, part it into zones and show that there is room for an additional seating area.
- Remove tablecloths and patterned carpets.
- Do not have too many pictures on the walls. Sparkle and paint where the images have left holes and traces.
- Candles and fire in the fireplace is nice in the winter, but it looks strange in the middle of the summer.


- Remove all products for personal care. Buy an exclusive soap and some new towels in matching colors. But put them in stacks.
- Light candles and make a spa feel. But be careful of strong scented candles, remember that not everyone likes the same scents.
- Put the heating on a comfortable level.

The bedroom:
- The bed must be neatly made-up. Use a nice bedspread and decorate with pillows.
- Add a nice book on the bedside table.
- If there is only a baby cot of the room, make it nice with some toys or cute matching children’s chairs.

- Remove all clutter, and straight away fallen leaves. Ask the neighbor to clean up.
- Plant flowers in the flower beds. If you have a terrace or balcony, it looks fine with pots with fresh plants.
- Emphasize the outdoor area by putting out outdoor furniture, but remember to wash them first.
- Dark and cold out on the showing day? Put out a nice lamp. Add a blanket in one of the garden chairs.

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