TRAVELLING IN TURKEY  - The province of Antalya

The  province of Antalya is one of the most recognized tourist destinations of Turkey, both internationally and domestically. Antalya's 630 km shoreline with it's beautiful beaches is like a magnet for tourists who want to spend time on sunny beaches, exploring ancient places and enjoying the all year mild climate.

There are several travel options to get to Antalya including air, road, train and ferry. The Antalya Province a is on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and has two international airports and a large port.

By car
The main highways to Turkey from Europe have been improved by the Istanbul bypass and the two Bosporus bridges leading to the Istanbul Ankara expressway. There are three main routes to take when driving to Turkey from Europe; the Trans European motorway, the E80 and the E90. The best route to take when driving to Antalya would be the E80. All the roads have good signposts, and it is easy to find the way to your destination.

By rail
The Turkish State Railways provides good rail services that link to most major cities in Turkey. The fares are reasonable and the trains are comfortable, with restaurants, lounges, sleeping cars and couchettes. Although there is a choice of first or second class travel, there are no air conditioned services available. Trains from Austria, France, Switzerland, Jordan, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Yugoslavia, the UK and several other cities all arrive at Istanbul. From here, passengers will have to connect to Antalya via bus, flight or car.

By bus
Several bus companies offer services from Austria, France, Germany, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Syria to Turkey, using luxury buses that ensure comfort on the long drive. These buses arrive at Istanbul, where passengers can connect to Antalya by bus, car or flight. Bus services run every 30 minutes to Antalya.
There are direct buses from Istanbul to Antalya and the Mediterranean coast, but this is a nightmarishly long bus journey, especially if done overnight slumped in a cramped bus seat.  A much better, more civilized way is to take the comfortable air-conditioned " Pamukkale Express " overnight from Istanbul to Denizli with reclining seats, couchettes (6-bunk), a modern sleeping - car (1- and 2-bed rooms) and a restaurant car for your dinner and breakfast. Then take a bus from Denizli the last bit to Antalya, from Denizli just a couple of hours away.

By air
One of the easiest ways to get to Antalya is to fly directly to Antalya International Airport or Gazipasa Airport. Alternatively, fly to Istanbul and from here get a connecting flight to Antalya, which takes about an hour. There are several flights per day from Istanbul to Antalya. Many of the major airlines, including Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, have linked with Turkish airlines to provide a service where passengers can check their luggage straight through to Antlaya, despite needing to change flights at Istanbul.

Facilities at Antalya International Airport are superb and include excellent duty-free shopping at the Departures and Arrivals halls. There are also several restaurants and cafés serving international and local cuisine. Other facilities include baby-change rooms, public phones, welcome and information counters, car rental services, banking and postal services. There are also facilities for the passengers who have reduced mobility.

Just outside the airport is the taxi stand and there are always taxis waiting to take you to your destination. The drivers speak English and the fares are fixed by the municipality. Several transfer companies can arrange a transfer service for a small fee (app. 50€ for one car with up to 4 passengers).

Antalya Gazipaşa Airport is an airport currently in service in the Alanya area of the Antalya province in Turkey. The Airport opened for domestic flights in July 2010 with daily flights from Istanbul with Bora Jet. International flights are scheduled to begin in time for the 2011 holiday season. The new airport is only 30 minutes by road from Alanya.

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