Turkey entry registration form is to fill out online now

Turkey entry registration form is to fill out online now

The registration form for entry to Turkey must be fill out online since 15.03.2021.

The previous entry form, which was filled out at the Turkish passport control point, must be completed online within 72 hours before the departure.

A HES code will be generated for passengers who fill out the form.

The form must be filled in with your basic information and the address of your accommodation on the website https://register.health.gov.tr/ of the Ministry of Health.

This form is to provide the travelers who are staying in Turkey with correct and necessary information.

Message from the Turkish health department:

"The form must be completed in the last 72 hours before to travel. The HES code is automatically generated for you with the information you filled in.

Thanks to this code, we can reach you if we register that you have had contact with a person infected with COVID-19 during your stay.

For this reason, the correctness of the information and the up-to-dateness are very important.

Whether you have filled out this form will be checked at the border with Turkey.

Failure to fill out this form or provide false or misleading information may result in legal action for you.

In addition, you cannot enter Turkey (unless you are a Turkish citizen or have a valid residence permit in Turkey). "

This form does not apply to passengers who are only traveling in transit.