The right real estate broker in Turkey

The right real estate broker in Turkey

The right real estate agent in Turkey is the most important thing when you are buying a property in Alanya.

Certainly the web surfing is excellent, but at least 50% of the websites on the internet are owned by sub-contractors working for resident brokers in Turkey on a commission basis. This middleman affects the price of the property and often the middlemen are not familiar with the rights and obligations when buying property in Turkey.

A real estate agent in Alanya is not allowed to work without a license. In order to receive this license, training is required. A course for real estate agents is offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After completing the training, the real estate agent receives a certificate with which he is authorized to run a real estate business in Alanya.

Please pay attention to the certificate when choosing your broker in Turkey.

Certainly the certificate is not the only decisive factor. The realtor in Alanya must also be familiar with the local conditions and have a good knowledge of the area in which he is active.

Practical knowledge is also decisive for success. A real estate agent who sells real estate in Alanya should inform himself regularly about the latest jurisprudence. Basic knowledge of construction defects is a must in this industry. Furthermore, knowledge of e.g. energy saving, furnishing, renovation work is very important for a professional realtor.

It is also very important for a real estate agent in Turkey to have social skills. Discussions with sellers and prospects are to be taken seriously and the real estate agent must listen very carefully.

All questions that a customer asks during the viewing appointment must be answered competently, which means that a professional broker must prepare well for the appointment.

Documents such as exposés, proof of real estate, floor plans of the property are a must when viewing, which one expects from a professional broker.


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We speak your language and understand your needs. We are at your side right from the start when buying a property in Turkey.


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