Purchase procedure

Purchase procedure for buying properties in Turkey

When you make your decision to buy your dream property in Alanya it is the turn to close the deal with a contract. In this Agreement we will write all the details about the buyer, the seller, the property, the purchase price, payment terms and other agreements in the contract. With this purchase contract the deposit must be paid, which can be varying from property to property.

After the contract we will apply in your name for all the necessary documents at the Land Registry.

The Turkish law requires that a state- certified interpreter must be present at the Land Registry that gives you all the details of the basic book translated in your language and answer your questions. Then you will get the tapu in your name and you are the rightful owner of your property in Turkey.

Before transferring the tapu on your name all taxes and tapu costs have to be paid. The real estate taxes and the transferring costs are 4% of the current market value.

Procedure of buying a property in Turkey

For a property purchase in Turkey the following documents are required:
For the buyer
• 2 recent passport photographs
• 2 copies of passport (passport must be valid)
• current home address
• Father Name
• Turkish tax number

For the seller
• 1 recent passport photograph
• 2 passport copies
• current address
• Turkish tax number


Power of attorney

To spare you running around at the Turkish authorities, you can authorize Riviera Invest with a notary power of attorney to complete all applications for tapu, water, electricity, telephone, internet, living Authorization (Iskan) on your name.

To give a power of attorney you need your original passport and 2 passport pictures.

Turkish tax number

The Turkish tax number is to apply to the local tax office in Turkey. You will need the Turkish tax number for opening a bank account, the tapu transfer and in all official matters.

To apply for the Turkish tax number your original passport, a passport copy, father and mother name, address and phone number in Turkey are required.

Open a bank account in Turkey

As a European you can open a bank account in Turkey easily. You need your original passport, Turkish tax number and ad address registration from your country. It can be a register document or an invoice which shows your name and address.

Purchase costs

Real estate transfer taxes 4 % of the official title deed amount
Costs at the land registry approx. 100 -150 EUR
Interpreter approx. 600 TL
Written translation of the title deed document 50 EUR
Earthquake insurance (DASK) 25 – 60 EUR
Iskan (Property using permission) 550 – 2.500 EUR
Electricity registration 100 – 250 EUR
Water registration 50 – 150 EUR
Charges Riviera Invest (Land register entry) 1500 TL
Charges Riviera Invest (water & electric registrations) 750 TL
Charges Riviera Invest (Property using permission/ iskan) 1500 TL
Charges Riviera Invest (Residence permission) 500 TL
Power of attorney (1 person) 200 - 250 EUR