Mahmutlar, with about 45,000 inhabitants, is the largest suburb of Alanya. Mahmutlar is located approximately 13 km east of Alanya and has developed to a delightful spot and is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Alanya. Mahmutalar has a 4,5 km long beach and its own city centre with a lot of touristic activities. Tourism, fruit and vegetable farming are the most important sources of income in this area.

More and more choose the town of Mahmutlar for their holiday home. Mahmutlar offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, green and pretty scenery and a long beach promenade. In the centre of Mahmutlar are shops, restaurants, bars, pharmacies and supermarkets. The town is surrounded by large banana plantations and the Taurus Mountains. Every Tuesday and Saturday there is a market in Mahmutlar where you can buy anything from clothes and toys to fresh fruit and oriental spices. There is a good connection with local buses from Mahmutlar to Alanya.

Above the beach and promenade is Mahmutlar, 4.5 km long from west to east. A few years ago this was a little sleepy Turkish community. Since 2004 this has begun to change. To a larger but still quite quiet Turkish-European community. Busy enough to be entertaining, but much more peaceful than Alanya.

If you go up from the beach, you will see Mahmutlar as a modern city with beautiful streets, old and modern buildings - a mix that is only possible in Turkey. No building is similar. Most of the buildings are five stories; some are 10. Nevertheless, the place gives no impression of being a "suburb".

There are two major streets in Mahmutlar. The first street up from the promenade is Barbaros street. We call it the main street of Mahmutlar. This street goes all the way through the city - from west to east. It passes through the center, where the great stone clock marks the center of Mahmutlar.

Atatürk street that is parallel to Barbaros street is like a border between the modern Mahmutlar and the old Turkish countryside. Chickens run across the road, and cows are led to green grazing in the morning and back in the evening.

Many roads go from the city to mountains. Poor signage, and easy to get lost.

The view from the hillside over the Mediterranean Sea and the coast with beaches and cliffs are breathtaking. Even for people from the mountainous countries like Norway and Switzerland.


Mahmutlar has about 45,000 inhabitants. In summer there are about 60,000 living here. The infrastructure is based on European standards. This applies to pipelines and electrical system, as well as the sewage system.

Many Europeans have already decided to spend retirement in Mahmutlar. Every winter we see the number of Europeans increases. And most restaurants, shops and other facilities are open. Mahmutlar is not a dedicated tourist town. Mahmutlar is a vibrant city.

Following completion of the new airport in Gazipasa, Mahmutlar will be one of the closest main town centers to the new airport at a distance of approximately 20 kms. Mahmutlar was the first town to become a Municipality in Alanya in 1974.

Many foreigners are living in Mahmutlar permanently and this number is increasing day by day.