About 20 km east of Alanya you find Demirtas. The region here has a very long, beautiful coast line and offers unspoiled, natural surroundings. Demirtas is quite undeveloped today, but will soon evolve to a very attractive touristic area.

Demirtas is an area with a distinct local atmosphere. There are no large hotels full of tourists but instead a beautiful beach area and silence which makes it easy to enjoy peace and quiet.

Demirtas has lovely natural scenery where the local Turks farm the land. If you want to hike in forest and mountains, you have easy access to the Taurus Mountains.

Alanya Municipality is way ahead of most other Turkish municipalities in controlling the population of street dogs. The municipality has been financially supporting a dog shelter in Demirtaş for some years. Originally established by a concerned German dog-lover, the municipality now pays for castrations, food, personnel, and vaccines at the shelter. The mayor has even arranged for the fire department to fill a pool in which the dogs can cool down in during the sweltering summer heat.

Shopping is done at the local general store or in the small kiosks.
There are good public transport services to Alanya.