The lovely town of Avsallar is about 20km east of Alanya, on the coast between Alanya and Side. Avsallar is one of the real up and coming towns on this coastline, boasting one of the best sandy beaches in the area, along with some stunning scenery.

The lively town centre is the best equipped of the smaller towns in the region, with plenty of bars and restaurants along with Turkish baths, a hospital, and all the shops you’d expect.

It has been well set out, and there is plenty of money being spent on the area in the way of statues, parks and fountains to make it an attractive town for either holidays, or permanent living.

Activities nearby include a water park, dolphin park, horse riding, hiking and a wealth of watersports. There is also a lively mix in the area, as it is a popular resort for people from the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and England.

Another characteristic of Avsallar is its truely open and alive for the full 12 months of the year, and is also within an hour of Antalya airport. For the occasional trips to a big city, Alanya is about 20 minutes by Dolmus or car. These run along the main road every 10 minutes. And for some historical sight seeing, Side is also on the Dolmus route and about 35 minutes away.

Avsallar has a continental Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean Basin ensures that most rain comes during the winter, leaving the summers long, hot, and dry, prompting the nearby Alanya board of Tourism to use the slogan “where the sun smiles”.

The sea at Avsallar has an average temperature of 21.4°C (70.5°F) annually, with an average August temperature of 27.9°C (82.2°F).

Avsallar is a rapidly growing small town with about 9.000 local inhabitants. There are many small hotels dating back a few years and some big new hotel complexes reflecting the typical tourist features of Avsallar. All along the main road are lots of small shops selling carpets, gold, textile products, safaris and day trips to the well-known sights, as well as the usual daily foods. There are many restaurants and bars open from early morning to late at night, offering well known Turkish cuisine as well as European dishes.

All around Avsallar are huge areas of forests which in some parts go down to the beach. A really relaxing day can start with a walk through the forest inhaling its natural essences. Horse riding is also a popular activity around the town.

The Municipilaty of Avsallar was founded in 1986.

Alara River flows through Avsallar and on the banks of the river is one of Turkey’s best preserved caravanserai, Alarahan dating from the 13th century.

After Okurcalar youll come to the region of Incekum. This village area offers many places where you can calm down, have a walk in green forests or take a bath at some of the most beautiful beaches at the Turkish Riviera. "Incekum" means "fine sand", therefore you shouldnt be surprised by the wonderful, long and fine sandy beaches in this area.

İncekum is a pretty holiday resort on the southern coast of Turkey, about 120 km north of Antalya International Airport and 30 km west of Alanya. Most of the big hotels situated in the town offer free pick-up services from the airport.

The town is always shining in the sun and a romantic memorable time awaits you during the brightly lit nights.

Apart from that, there are stables to be found so that you can go riding, either at the base of the mountains or on the beach.

Along the main road there are all sorts of shops where you can browse and have a look at some traditional Turkish goods.

The hinterland is pine forests with environmental education activities performed by ALCED (Alanya Environmental Education and Blue Flag Association).

Incekum Picnic and Camping Site are set in an enclave and the site has natural seashore where pine forests reach to the sea. Camping and picnic facilities make this is a sought after summer destination where locals and tourists hold barbeques and cool off in the shallow waters of the sea. There is an entrance fee to the picnic site.

Infastructure work is ongoing in Incekum and three driling wells were opened near the Alara River to obtain the drinking water for town. 5000 meter sever system was completed, 8500 meter drinking water lines are operating. The Ministry of forestry appropriated 12000m2 area for picnic and recreation spots. Frequent dolmus (minibus) service is available to Alanya...

Incekum Beach

The beach is certified as a Blue Flag beach and there are Lifeguard/lifesaving facilities with lifeguards on duty between 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Next to the road there are plenty of parking possibilities. The beaches are sandy like the bottom of the sea. The golden yellow sand is very nice and of really tiny condition so it is not gluing at your body, that´s where the name Incekum comes from. The beach is about 1 kilometer long and is slightly falling into the sea, a very nice place for family with young children who need to learn swimming. No entry fee is charged. Sun beds and sun umbrellas can be rented from the small beach pubs all along. If you have, you can use your own facilities as well. A couple of smaller hotels are close to the beach as well.