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The interest in real estate Turkey as a holiday home, retirement home or investment is high. On our website you can find Turkey real estate offers in best locations for best prices.

Turkey Property for sale in Alanya, Antalya, Side, Belek, Kemer, Izmir, Yalova, Trabzon and Istanbul.

As a licensed real estate broker and successful construction company and we are selling apartments in Turkey, flats, studios, houses, villas, land, commercial properties and investment properties in Turkey. 

Turkey has a reputation for providing a reliable source to earn profits, in real estate industry. The country is a hub of cheap Houses in Turkey and an attractive second or holiday home for foreigners. Spurred by means of relatively cheap real estate Turkey, the demand for Turkish property is ever growing high.

The European investors in real estate can make a smart move by investing in cheap properties in Alanya. Investments in the latest cheap real estate Turkey are facing an increasing trend and since Turkey is outside the euro zone, so the investment in the cheap properties in Turkey will pay appraisal to investors hard earned money. Turkey lures around 20 million travelers each year, ended up being last year number one, trip destination for European tourists. Nevertheless, International visitors are finding Turkey as their second home and investing in cheap properties in Alanya.

The prices of the cheap real estate Turkey will rise more this year and ABTA predicts Turkey to be one of two big development areas, the other being Egypt. The Turkish economy, which happens to be dependent on real estate and tourism, seems to be well geared up to withstand todays global fiscal calamity, immediately after recovering from their own crisis. This has lead to increase number of various cheap properties in Turkey and certainly increase in demand for them.

Any leveling up scenario, pay inflation, developing prosperity along with access to low housing interest is driving an overseas demand for cheap properties in Alanya, Turkey. Mortgages within Turkey were introduced throughout 2007, permitting buyers younger than 75 to gain access to 90% of the cheap real estate Turkey for maximum 2 decades. Mortgage credit rates at the moment start around 5.7%. The previous wherewithal to obtain home loans was the main reason behind stifling demand from customers, preventing individuals from shopping these cheap properties in Turkey. The new loans that are available nowadays are good announcement for both Turkey and overseas customers.

Prices of houses in Turkey are less expensive than the entire Europe and this provide a lot of possibilities for people to make good returns in investing the cheap properties in Alanya and other coastline areas in Turkey. The recent Turkish Statistics show that there are around 75,000 international registrations in process and a lot of them had already benefited from investment in cheap real estate Turkey.

According to the successful housing agents of Europe, the normal Turkish property selling prices had appreciated by 7.5%, in 2004 to 2008. Increasing Turkey economy combined with shortage in housing hopes of getting started with the European Union and availability of a mature home loan market had made Turkish property or home prices to move forward.

Cheap properties in Alanya will go up, but on the other hand, there are indications that housing price will move slow, across other parts of Turkey or even whole Europe. The moderate to long-term prospectus for Turkeys overall economy looks good, which should thus benefit the countrys old cheap Houses in Turkey. Property in and around Turkey is providing an astonishingly excellent value to the investors and old property owners.


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    Dr. Abdul Nazar

    i wish to get cheapest property

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    i want to settle down in Turkey buy a family house and move there forever but what about laws and rules that organise this matter i mean those related to residency .

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    i want to settle down in Turkey and buy a family apartment in Any city or town (except Istanbul) where all services are available like schools, colleges and universities. 1. what about laws and rules that organise this matter (related to residency)? 2. what is the price for an apartment consist of (4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen) say 130-150m2. no need center center.

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    Amer A Younis

    Looking for a cheap apartment or flat with 2 bedroom, in any city, also request all information about residency and extra payments , my uregent request to Buy and settle down,

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    RE / MAX Majesty Real Estate Agencys first aim is customer satisfaction. Our service philosophy that show you the best way when you buying property in Antalya. What you need about houses, apartments and lands for sale, your needs without having to wander from street to street offering you all the alternatives in your imagination in finding the property from sale, you specify the property that you are helping your selection in accordance with the request. In this issue first visit our web site https://www.remaxmajesty.com/ for offers the most suitable and favorite properties according to your wishes.

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    Dear Sir/ Madam, I want to have a property in Turkey the cheaper the better no mater far or nearby no mater land or private house. I just want the property to be a resident in Turkey with my family. is there any special rule for property to become a permenant residant in Turkey? Thanks

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    dear sir, Looking for a cheap apartment or flat with 1bedroom, in any city, also request all information about residency and extra payments , my uregent request to Buy and settle down, I am living now in DUBAI and planning to shift to turkey. thank you

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    mohammed kossar

    as muslim i think turkey is the best place to live for me and my family ,and also its a dream for me to pleases get in touch love to here from you ameen.

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    Sheila nicholson

    Looking for property in Uzumulu preferably a bungalow 3 -4 bedrooms with pool central heating air con p jand solar panels must be no more than £120,000 but cheaper the better would consider New build

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    Dear sir, I am Looking for a cheap apartment or flat with 1bedroom or 2 in any city, Thanks

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    saeed yousuf

    I m saeed yousuf from pakistan.i m intrested to buy property in turkey pls advice me. thanks. 92 321 3030037

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    Masoud Kamal

    Want to get a small andvcheap house in turkey any city not in istanbol

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    Hi, i need a aportment in turkey it have two rooms and one bedroom for sale.can I find about 20,000$. If I can please send me an E-mail. Thanks

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    Ready apartment Around €20,000-€25,000

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    Hi , Looking for a cheap house outskits of tge city , ibcluding info for how to get residence permit . Thanks Awaiting yours Watsapp +923360222805

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